Help & FAQ

What locations do you service? 

Our art leasing service is available across Auckland and Christchurch. Though you can purchase artworks from any location in New Zealand or around the world.

What happens when I request to lease art on this website? 

Our art consultant will be in contact promptly to assist with final selections and confirm timing information with you. We can show you how selected artworks will look on your walls digitally. As part of our service the Art Bureau deliver all leased items and professionally install them on site.

What happens when I request to purchase art on this website?

Many works are of a size and nature that discussion on final selection and delivery options will be required. When you request to buy such an artwork on this site a team member will be in contact promptly to assist in completing your purchase. We can arrange delivery nationally or internationally. Delivery options vary according to the specific item selected and your location. Please be aware shipping of artwork containing framing glass is not recommended due to its very fragile nature, which is not covered by any carrier firm and is costly to insure. 

Would you like to know more?

No matter what your question or enquiry just call or or email us for prompt service. We look forward to assisting you.