Office Art

The right artwork can transform a workspace

Update the look & feel of your business

Modernise reception. Enhance the boardroom. Enjoy a 'room-changing' solution for any space. We provide a free, no-obligation consultation. Just call us for a friendly chat to start!

We work with businesses of all sizes, providing outstanding original New Zealand art. Art that makes a statement in the office and delights customers and employees.

Throughout Auckland and Christchurch you will find Art Bureau art in corporate offices, legal firms, consultancies, media, IT businesses, hospitality providers and more.


Art rental is smart business

With our hire service, your art can change as your requirements change. Avoid having to put expensive, previously purchased artwork in a storage cupboard because it no longer meets your needs.

Art rental is an easy, clever way to modernise and keep your business looking good, long term. 


Hire periods are flexible

Many customers have been hiring art from us for years and enjoy a refresh yearly, or as needed, to reinvigorate and change their look & feel.

Contact the Art Bureau and hire art for your office today.